Tahoma’s FFA Getting ready for spring fair

Page showing students how to hold their animals in order to mark them.
Page showing students how to hold the sheep for show

By James Hayes

Mrs. Page teaches Aquiculture (Animal Science) and is the Tahoma FFA Instructor.

Page watching as student walk their animals

Page has been teaching at Tahoma (THS) for 34 years. She loves showing her students how to take care of animals and farming and helping the students train their animals for showing them at the fairs.

Her class helps prepare the kids for the future if they are interested in Veterinarian, Zoology and anything that pertains to animals.

Kelly Meadows

Kelly Meadows a senior at THS, says her favorite thing about teacher Mrs. Page is she always makes everyone feel welcome. Kelly will be showing her pig at the Washington State Spring Fair this April.

Lauren Holmquist-with-sheep

Lauren Holmquist a senior at THS, says her favorite thing about teacher Mrs. Page is she is more of a role model then a teacher. Holmquist is taking animal science because she wants to be a Veterinarian. Lauren plans on showing her lamb at the Washington State Spring Fair in April.

Sheep in Cages

A former student of Mrs. Page, who is now a member of the Navy Master-at-Arms, Melissa Lewis, has shown her pigs and rabbits for two years. She said Mrs. Page helped her realize her passion for farming when Page helped Lewis get a job on a dairy farm after she graduated high school. Lewis plans on having a ‘farm life’ when she gets out of the military.


The students have there choose in raising sheep, pigs and rabbits during the school year. The animals are kept at the Maple View Middle School property (the old high school). The students are bussed from THS to Maple View to take care of the animals on a regular basis.

Student responsibilities are to feed, clean, neuter and spay the animals and they all have an option of showing their animals at our local and state fairs .

Come out and support the Tahoma FFA at the Washington State Fairs.

Tahoma FFA plans to have an open house for the public on March 28 from 4 p.m. until 6 p.m. to come and view the livestock (pigs, lambs, and bunnies) they are raising at Maple View Middle Sschool.

The event is to educate the public about what we do in our classes, and if they want to purchase an animal for consumption, and to pet the animals.

If you would like more information about this event please contact Marie Page at 425-413-6260. 

The event is free.