Tahoma Schools Foundation Approves Projector Purchase

The Tahoma Schools Foundation (“TSF” or “Foundation”) Board voted unanimously on Monday December 17, 2018 to purchase a rear screen projector that will benefit the Tahoma Performing Arts Center (“PAC”), for use by the Tahoma Drama Department and other school/district organizations using the PAC as part of their curriculum and performing arts programs. The request for funding came from Melissa Bean, educator with the Tahoma High School Drama Department, who had initially requested funding for its spring musical, “Les Miserables”. Ms. Bean provided the TSF Board with a comprehensive budget for the 2018-2019 school musical that included costs for the rental of several items that the department could use for its annual fall and winter plays as well as by other departments who would use the PAC. One of those items was a rear screen projector.

TSF president Dan Neilsen states that, “The Board’s decision to purchase a specific piece of equipment for the PAC, rather than to provide money for general funding for the musical, allows the Foundation to make a tangible investment that can also be used by more than one department or organization within the district for years to come.” Neilsen went on to explain that “this is an investment in the PAC and allows students who perform and work onstage and backstage to enhance the quality of their productions and gives them opportunities to work with professional- grade equipment that is being used in the arts throughout the country that many students don’t have.”

Melissa Bean indicated during her meeting with the Board that the department planned to rent a projector for a cost of approximately $6,000 and that a full cost for such a projector would be approximately $20,000. Board member and incoming TSF president Josh Lyons stated that it makes sense to purchase a piece of equipment that would have to be rented for a third of its total cost. The purchase is also consistent with the Board’s intent to make specific contributions to the arts after Brandi Carlile’s contribution of her time last spring for the TSF fundraiser, and further meets the Foundation’s mission to “bridge the gap” in funding for school and district programs that would not be funded from state money.

Board Member Grifan Cayce advocated for this donation appreciating that the Drama Club is a welcoming community for all students, a place where students have the opportunity to excel and develop future ready skills without financial or family commitment barriers that can impede participation in some activities.

Information about the Tahoma Schools Foundation and opportunities to donate to TSF is available online at https://tahomaschoolsfoundation.org/. Specific information about this press release, and about the Foundation can also be obtained by contacting Dan Neilsen, TSF President by email or phone at djn@djnlawoffice.com and 425-429-0831, respectively. TSF Board Members include Dan Neilsen, Barbara Kennedy, Mary Jane Glaser, Josh Lyons, Tyler Markegard, Grifan Cayce, Dan Fewkes, Sue Boyd and Hope Reyes.