Secret Santa Helps All Year Round at the Black Diamond Community Center

Editor, the VOICE:

Our secret Santa really isn’t a secret. This very talented artist is known all around our area. His photography is beautiful. He is one of the Black Diamond Community Center’s most loyal supporters, and his fans also support our programs. Secret Santa is Craig Goodwin. Monthly he brings in cash and checks from selling his pictures. His clients and fans also send us checks when they purchase his material, because that is how he likes to be paid. Craig and his wife Judith have donated to the BDCC for many years, and so do their friends.

Monthly support from Craig and his followers, along with monthly checks from Lake Sawyer Church, Lake Sawyer Community Club, St. Barbara Parish, Black Diamond Eagles, Black Diamond Maple Valley Kiwanis Club, Maple Valley Black Diamond Rotary, and Enumclaw Lions enable our center to purchase extra dairy cards for families, diapers, prescriptions for seniors, additional food bank items like Ensure for seniors who need extra nutrition, and provide other essential services.

To all our “Secret Santas” and those who continue to support us monthly, THANK YOU.  We have gifts to give all year round because of the local support we get monthly.