Black Diamond, Maple Valley, Enumclaw Communities Support the Black Diamond Community Center

Editor, the VOICE:

The annual “Harvest Moon” fundraising dinner was held October 12th at the Black Diamond Community Center. Auctioneer Extraordinaire Johnny Morris worked his “magic” on the crowd, and $42,513 was donated. All the money raised goes to the programs supported by the BDCC. Some of those services include: food, gas vouchers, dairy cards, rental assistance, clothing, diapers, emergency vehicle repairs, housing repairs, and help with prescriptions drugs.

Our sponsors were very generous this year.  Thank you to: Ten Trails, Black Diamond Recycling & Transfer (Dave Ambur), Mary Kay (Karin Ambur), Curtis Lang Custom Homes, Anesthesia Equipment Supply Inc., The Smoke House & More, Provident Electric, Kenyon Disend PLLC, Black Diamond Bakery, Lake Sawyer Grocery, Palmer Coking Coal, Johnson’s Home & Garden, Royal Towing, TRM Wood Products, Goodfellow Bros. Inc., and Mutual of Enumclaw.

Our Board of Directors does so much work before our big night.  Thank you to Keith Watson, Jude Irish, Elsie Parkin, Becky Olness, Dave Ambur, Tamie Deady, Brenda Evenson, Marsha Tetzlaff, Tanie Valison, and Judy Watson.

Our cook Jude Irish (Board member) and her assistant Kim Borgen cooked up a special prime rib dinner everyone enjoyed. Kitchen crew members Ron Brentson, Mary Ann Knarreborg, Caroline Whitlock, Devonne Wicks, Debbie Snider, Debbie B’Hymer, Tanya Capps, Dany Falco, Greg Landwher, Cara Landwher, and Russ from Lind’s Meats. This great team kept things moving all evening.

Cashiers Kristie Pechenyuk, Tammie Seyler, and Marilee Welch made the cashiering run efficiently. Bartenders Setheni Kirschnick and Irene Vaughn always add fun and charm to our events. Silent Auction closers Bill and Sandi Hooper, Setheni Kirschnick, and Melissa Oglesbee did an amazing job wrapping up bids. Extra help with décor were Leih Mulvihill, Irene Vaughn, Mary Ann Knarreborg, and Judy Watson. Special thanks go to Susan Kriz for wonderful piano music. Staff works very hard year-round to make this event a success: Leslie Johnson, Helen Bittner, Irene Vaughn, Kym Sulman, Mary Ann Knarreborg, and James Lesinski. They are the best workers around.

Live Auction items were donated by Ancestry Cellars, Black Bear Outpost, Black Diamond Antiques, Black Diamond Eagles, Black Diamond Museum, Bridgett’s Boutique, Cenex, Cutter’s Supply, Enumclaw Ski Shop, Enumclaw Tractor Supply Europa, Farrelli’s Pizza, Four Corners Teriyaki, Gracene’s Cupcake Boutique, Grocery Outlet, Hops ‘n Drops, Johnson’s Home & Garden, Lind’s Meats, Neighborhood Bar & Grill, Nothing Fancy Vintage Décor & Gifts, Olson’s Meats, Oshio’s, Sahara Pizza, Starbucks, Stockton’s, The Fifth Avenue Theatre, The Kettle, TRM Wood Products, Work Sports & Outdoors, Greg & Cara Landwehr Meats, Brock & Tamie Deady, Janie Edelman, Brenda Evenson, Cheryl Hanson, Bill & Sandi Hooper, Jay & Jude Irish, Karl & Jennifer Koch, Clayton & Nancy Mead, Ron & Becky Olness, Elsie Parkin, Renee Robison, Bill & Sheri Roth, Colt & Marsha Tetzlaff, Nick & Tanie Valison, Irene Vaughn, Charles & Valerie Westover, 

Silent Auction baskets make up half of our revenue for this wonderful event. The following list includes those who donated items for the silent auction: Alberta Sinclair, Ancestry Cellars, Anesthesia Equipment Supply Inc., AutoZone of Covington, Bill & Sandi Hooper, Bill & Sheri Roth, Black Bear Outpost, Black Diamond Antiques, Black Diamond Auto Parts, Black Diamond Automotive, Black Diamond Auto Wrecking, Black Diamond Bakery & Restaurant, Black Diamond Eagles, Black Diamond Museum, Black Diamond Recycling & Transfer, Black Gold Coffee Company, Bounce at Diamond Square, Brealey Realty, Brenda Evenson, Brenda Hanson, Bridgett’s Boutique, Brock & Tamie Deady, Bryan & Melissa Kelley, Carpinito Brothers, Cascade Automotive, Cathy Ramirez, Cenex Convenience Store, Charles & Valerie Westover, Cheryl Hanson, Children’s Museum of Tacoma, Chris & Cecilia Sorci, Clayton & Nancy Mead, Colt & Marsha Tetzlaff, Cougar Mountain Zoo, Craig & Judy Goodwin, Curtis Lang Homes, Curtis & Linda Patterson, Cutter’s Supply, Dave & Karin Ambur, Dazzled Dame, Leih Mulvihill, Dennis & Diana Boxx, Elsie Parkin, Enumclaw Aquatic Center, Enumclaw Ski Shop, Enumclaw Tractor Supply, Erich & Laura Freitas, Ernie & Tori Ammons, Europa Restaurant, Farrelli’s Pizza, Family Fun Center & Bullwinkle’s Restaurant, Ferpie & Fray, Amanda Stanley, Four Corners Teriyaki, Frankie’s Pizza of Maple Valley, Fritz Gottfried, FroYo Frozen Yogurt, Goodfellow Bros. Inc., Gracene’s Cupcake Boutique, Greg & Cara Landwehr Meats, Grocery Outlet of Maple Valley, Hawthorn Tree Massage & Emu Ranch, Hops ‘n Drops, Howard & Dorothy Botts, Italian Fresh Pizza Co., Janie Edelman, Jay & Jude Irish, Johnson’s Home & Garden, Karl & Jennifer Koch, Keith & Judy Watson, Ken & Cindy Brown, Kenyon Disend PLLC, Lake Sawyer Grocery, Les Schwab of Maple Valley, Lind’s Meats, Mike Lind, Lumber House Brewery LLC, Marion Mingura, Mary Ann Knarreborg, Mary Kay, Karin Ambur, Melissa Oglesbee, Money Man Pawn, Mutual of Enumclaw, Neighborhood Bar & Grill, Nick & Tanie Valison, Nordic Museum, Northwest Bicycle, Northwest Marketing & Management, Northwest Outdoor Center, Nothing Fancy Vintage Décor & Gifts, Olson’s Meats, Oshio 2 Teriyaki & Burger, Palmer Coking Coal Company, Pie Goddess, Provident Electric, Pythians, RaceCals, Renee Robison, Richard & Sharon Gonzalez, Ron & Becky Olness, Royal Towing, Safeway at Maple Valley, Sahara Pizza, Sawyer Spa & Clinical Massage, Seattle Children’s Museum, Serena Hair Design, Sharon Veldhuis, Sherri Potts, Sons of Italy, Starbucks of Maple Valley, Stockton’s, Studio Barre and Lounge, S’Wiched, T&B Nails & Spa, Tacoma Children’s Museum, The Fifth Avenue Theatre, The Kettle, The Loft Salon & Spa, The Smokehouse & More, Tractor Supply Company of Enumclaw, TRM Wood Products, Work-Sports & Outdoors.

Thank you also to all of you who support our programs all year round: Ten Trails, Maple Valley Black Diamond Rotary, Kiwanis Club of Black Diamond Maple Valley, Black Diamond Eagles, Enumclaw Lions, Pythians, St. Barbara Church, Lake Sawyer Christian Church, Lake Sawyer Community Club, The Loft Salon & Spa, and Bryan & Melissa Kelley.

Thank you everyone who attended our dinner. Thank you for supporting our event, so we can help so many others. We are able to assist seniors and families with emergency help because of YOU. The Black Diamond Community Center is lucky to have so much support.

Thank you,

Cheryl Hanson

Executive Director

Black Diamond Community Center